About Us

Kamxa is tremendously proud of the impact that we have made in helping graduates and professionals by providing quality classes and after-college programs.

Cross-disciplinary Grooming

The aim of this approach is to groom candidates to approach any work challenge or task using a branch of knowledge from different disciplines so they develop the habit of looking at a problem through several lenses and are able to come up with a more well rounded solution.

Multi-disciplinary work opportunities

The mentors at kamxa are building off of the above approach, with multi-disciplinary work opportunities each candidate gets to work under multiple profiles which expands their knowledge and helps them be more well-rounded and helps them identify what they are best at and what meets their interests.

Income Share Agreement— we are bringing in this element to make this program as accessible as possible for talented candidates. Also, through this we are trying to bring an impact in the overall society by bringing down barriers for those who can’t afford some sort of upskilling. It is thus important to highlight the skill now, pay later aspect of the program. We are giving candidates an opportunity to pay back in smaller instalments only once they have started earning so that this does not come as a financial burden on them or their families.

On Job Training— the aim of this is to create an efficient and suitable combination of an internship experience + skills training + professional training. With our OJT program we are combining the three and giving the prospective candidates an opportunity to work under different job profiles and perform tasks of a professional level while our team with varying expertise assists them and grooms them in the relevant profile. Unlike usual training programs we are not giving everyone some fixed syllabus, rather it is through their tasks performed and initiatives that they get to learn new things that would help them gain proficiency in the relevant skills. Also unlike other internships, rather than putting the candidates under pressure of deadlines, they get to create their own trajectory, try new things that excite them and are relevant to their career path of interest while we help them upskill in the same area.