Learning has been never been more affordable.

Payment Options

At kamxa, we have two payment options
Option 1 : Pay in 3 Parts (Installment)

You would pay us in 3 installments throughout your time enrolled in kamxa.

Option 2 :  Income share Agreement (ISA)

You pay 10% of your salary over 2 years as long you’re making 30k/year. You will never pay us more than 16k.

Payment 0 Upfront

We use an income share agreement (ISA). Here’s how it works.

Pay NOTHING until you make 30k/year.

That’s right! You pay us ZERO rupees if you aren’t making >30k/year or over 2.5k/month.

No Hidden Fees

It’s plain and simple. It’s 0 to sign up, and you don’t owe us anything until you’re making over 30k/year.

Monthly payments are based on your income.

If you’re making under 2.5k for a month, you don’t pay us anything that month. Payments pick up again once you’re at >2.5k.

No Interest

We don’t charge any interest. Your payments are based on your income. The more you make, the more we make! Incentives are aligned.

Payments stop after 24 mos or you’ve paid 16k.

You will never pay us over 16k and your payments stop after you’ve made 24 monthly payments.

No Debt

If you don’t make over 30k, you don’t owe us ANYTHING. If we don’t help you succeed, you don’t owe us anything.

Let’s Talk Numbers


We take 10% of your salary for 24 months, as long as you’re making over 30k/year.


If you’re making less than 30k/year or 2.5k/mo, you owe us NOTHING.


You will never pay us more than 16,000. This is our payment cap.

5 Years

After 5 years, our ISA expires. If you don’t make your 24 monthly payments within this timeframe, you don’t owe us any more money.